Informative report in compliance with regulation N°196-2003

Dear Customer,
We would like to inform you that your personal data will be used by Mariani, completely respecting the basic principles indicated by N°196/2003 law, regulating personal data protection.

In succession, we are going to list all our operations regarding collecting, storing or elaborating your personal data. The main purpose is collecting and storing your personal information in order to supply our services through the web site and, if necessary, supply the judicial authority with the required information.

The data treatment will be processed through automatic procedures.

Giving your personal data is optional. In case of your refusal, however, we won't be able to apply the required services.

The owner of the treatment operation is MARIANI & C S.r.l., based in Via Valle Sabbia - 25076 Odolo (BS) Italy, Tel. +39.0365.826 209. In charge of the personal data treatment will be Company internal people having this special task.

We would like to inform you that each concerned person can assert the following rights, included in clause 13 of 196/2003 regulation:
· having free access to clause 31 of 196/2003 regulation content, that can be interesting for him;
· being informed regarding:
- name, denomination, company name, domicile, residence and owner base at the moment of the data treatment;
- Purpose and way of treatment;
- name, denomination, company name, domicile, residence and base of the treatment operation responsible person;
· Obtaining from the owner:
- Confirmation that his personal data exist and communication of the same. Information regarding treatment procedures and purposes.
- Anonymous cancelling and transformation of the treated data in case of law violation, including the ones which don't need to be stored if related to the purposes they have been collected and treated for.
- Data update, correction or integration.
- Confirmation that the content of point 1 and 2 has been explained to the people that they have been communicated to, except in the case that this act is impossible or can only be used through unacceptable means if compared to the right itself.
· Not accepting, partially or completely the personal data treatment, if the reasons are acceptable and pertinent to the data collecting purpose;
· Not accepting, partially or completely, the personal data treatment if this is effected in order to give commercial information or to send advertising material, or to direct sale operations, such as marketing researches or interactive commercial communication, and to be informed by the owner about the possibility to exercise this right for free, the really same time the data are collected.

For each request indicated in paragraph 1, point C) n.1) the customer can be required to, if not confirming the presence of its personal data, an expense contribution not exceeding the costs effectively paid, according to the procedures and within the limits settled by the regulation from which clause 33, paragraph 3 is extracted. The rights indicated in paragraph 1 and referring to deceased individual's data, can be exercised by whoever has interest in them. While exercising the right listed in paragraph 1, the concerned person can confer, on writing, a delegation or a proxy to physical persons or associations. Still valid can be considered the professional secret regulation for journalists, with limits to the new source.

In order to exercise the rights listed in 675/96 regulation's clause 13 and listed above, the customer should make a written request addressed to:

MARIANI & C S.r.l. - Via Valle Sabbia - 25076 Odolo (BS) Italy