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Is it the design the additional worth or the content of every plan? This question open a meaningfus debate aiming at explaining what and how much importance the design holds inside any product birth or in all those trasformations due to the different cycles of the life of goods.

This argument perfectly fits a product such as the handle that specially today relies on design in order to meet the tastes of consumer.

Design, and specially the one applied to handles, has a further meaning: design never comes down to a mere aesthetical study or stylistic innovation; design is that physical characteristic of the object that expresses the result of the research. The recent efforts made by designers in the field of handle production come out from modern culture. Everyone of us, nowadays, asks first of all for pratical objects and conceives the beauty of the object as its absolute formal perfection. So a lively planning about handles is developing generating new shapes which result from the study of volumes, from the research about the section of handgrips.
Consequently every formal aspect of the handle is

subjected to a careful analysis made by proper surface modellers.The resulting design is linear and expressive; it meets the demand for practicalness and functionality and, anyway, it leads to the discover of new shapes. Finally, you have to take into due consideration the ability to draw up innovative ideas by the use and the research of new materials. In this way unique realizations are reached: their aesthetical value comes from the worth and the brightness of a new material, used following a new stylistic horizon.

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